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7 Jan 2018

Blauer Stern in Berlin/Germany

I'm proudly present you a brand new postcard connecting with cinema, published by Berliner Töchter. Unfortunately they forgot to write the name of this cinema ... but this no problem for me, there aren't many cinemas names connecting with stars. And in Berlin only - Blauer Stern in Berlin-Pankow.
It opens in 1933 as Bismarck-Lichtspiele, changed its name in 1946 to Blauer Stern (Blue Star). It closed in 1987, and opened in 1996 again with two halls (165 and 76 seats). Look at Kinokompendium for wonderful pictures and more facts.
You can see the advertisement at the postcard for these films:
- Urmel aus dem Eis (Germany 2006)
- Volver (Spain 2006)
- Garfield: A Tail of two Kittens (USA 2006)
- Das Parfum (Germany 2006).
So I think this photo is made in 2006.

31 Dec 2017

Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Sonnenallee" 1999

This postcard is the latest from this interesting building. The movie Sonnenallee came to German cinemas on October 7, 1999. It was directed by Leander Haußmann after a novel by Thomas Brussig and tells about a youth in East Berlin in the late 1970s. The Sonnenallee is an actual street in Berlin that was intersected by the border between East and West during the time of the Berlin Wall, although it bears little resemblance to the film set. 
On the large poster you can see Detlev Buck  as an East German policeman. His 1993 movie Wir können auch anders ... is one of the best German movies about the situation in East Germany in the early 1990s. And I remember children clapping after his excellent children movie Hände weg von Mississippi

At all it is a set of three postcards, advertising postcards publishing by the Yorck Kinogruppe - owner and co-owner of different cinemas in Berlin and Dresden. It is an interesting view outwards to the Café  Moskau, it is so often on the postcards together with Kino International.
Thanks for this good idea! (And my wish for the next time: More people on the postcards.)

10 Dec 2017

Lichtspieltheater "Vorwärts" in Erkner / Germany

Forward is the name of this cinema. It was built by the inhabitants of Erkner, a place near Berlin. When it was opened in 1957 with 288 seats Erkner had about 8000 inhabitants. 
The postcard is from about 1970. Isn't it gorgeous to have a newly built flat and a cinema around the corner?
In 1994 the cinema was demolished and a modern one was built. Movieland Erkner opens in 1996 with two halls and 184 seats at all and still plays.

5 cinemas in Berlin / Germany

At all I don't like multiview cards where one little picture shows a cinema. But this postcard is different: it shows 5 cinemas in Berlin. (And there are some good multiview postcards from only one cinema.)
You can see on this postcard:
  • Kosmos, opened in 1962 and closed in 2005.
    Josef Kaiser and Herbert Aust were the architectures of this cinema with 1000 seats in one hall. For more information and pictures look at great Kinokompendium.
  • Kino International, opened in 1964.
    For more information and pictures look at great Kinokompendium.
  • Filmtheater Colosseum, was planned by famous cinema-architecture Fritz Wilms and opened in 1924.
    The film producer Arthur Brauner acquired the grounds in 1993 and built in 1997 a multiplex with 10 halls.
    For more information and pictures look at great Kinokompendium.
  • Lunik Lichtspiele, opened in 1961 and closed in 1961.
    It was planned by Josef Kaiser and had about 500 places.
  • Filmtheater Gérard Philipe, opened on December 18, 1960 and closed in 1979.
    Gérard Philipe (1922-1959) was a French actor, very popular also in East Germany.
The logo bft betweenthe photos of cinema Kosmos and Kino International stands for VEB Berliner Filmtheater, the East German state cinema company in Berlin.

At all a well done postcard from 1964.

UCI Kinowelt in Düsseldorf / Germany

UCI Kinowelt in Düsseldorf was opened on December 19, 1998.  This cinema has at all 9 halls with 2759 seats, longest escalator in North Rhine-Westphalia, biggest movie screen in Düsseldorf (24 metres x 10 metres) and of course latest technology.
The architect of this interesting building remebering a ship's hull was Till Sattler
The postcard is an advertising card. Unfortunately normal postcards with new cinemas are really rare.

25 Nov 2017

City Filmpalast in München/Germany

Congratulation - 50 years City Filmpalast Munich! This anniversary was celebrated in 2009 and a good reason for publishing this advertising postcard. 
City Filmpalast was opened in 1959 with one hall and about 1000 seats, later departed and the foyer was changed in a third hall. Now it has at all 676 seats in three halls.  It is an arthouse cinema with an interesting programm. For the current programm look here, for more pictuures here.

3 Nov 2017

Kino International in Berlin/Gemany - "Boccaccio '70" 1965

Boccaccio '70 is a 1962 Italian anthology film directed by Mario Monicelli, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Vittorio De Sica, starring Anita Ekberg, Romy Schneider, Sophia Loren and Marisa Solinas. It is an anthology of four episodes, each by one of the directors, all about a different aspect of morality and love in modern times, in the style of Boccaccio. Boccaccio (1313-1375) is still today famous for his Decameron.
The total running time is 208 min (like the Italian version with all four segments), but there were some changes in some countries. I don't know the running time of the movie, when it came to Kino International and to East Germany on 2 July 1965.